Happy Embroiderying!

In order for us to concentrate on making more awesome machine embroidery designs, we’ve connected with a third party seller and are selling on Etsy.

Click here to buy Machine Embroidery Designs from our Etsy Shop

Click here to buy our machine embroidery designs from the Embroidery Design website

Win Win for everyone!

This is a win win situation for both our customers and ourselves. By connecting with Embroidery Design.com to sell our designs you get access to our same great embroidery designs at super prices, plus service that can’t be beat.

If a design doesn’t work like you want – they have chat and support available to help you.

If you need a different format – they have free software to convert it for you.

And we gain more time to concentrate on designing.

Our Etsy shop will stay open. You can buy from our Etsy shop as well, but we will not be able to format or resize designs that aren’t listed. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmbroideryPicts


The biggest change is that we are switching from Pulse Micro or PXF file of software to Wilcom E4 or an EMB format. Why – because we can do so much more with this new software. And it just made sense.

We will no longer maintain our own website. This extra time means more designs for you to enjoy.

If you want to know when new designs are available, sign up to our mailing list. You will only receive an email when new designs are available.

Happy Embroidering!

Jan Davis
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